Former Immigration Director and Finance Ministry Official Cleared of Corruption Charges by Banadir Regional Court.

In Mogadishu, the Banadir regional court has acquitted Mohamed Adan Jimale Koofi, the former director of Somalia’s immigration and citizenship agency, and Muhidin Hassan Jurus ‘Saabey’, the head of taxation at the Ministry of Finance. They were accused of corruption but the court cleared all charges and their rights are now restored.

The court’s chairman made it clear that the corruption charges against these two officials have been completely dismissed. The legal battle that lasted for nine months included accusations of embezzlement, document falsification, theft of public property, abuse of power, and dereliction of duty.

This decision comes at a time when rumors are circulating that Mohamed Aden Jimale Koofi is considering running for President of Galmudug. It is anticipated that Koofi will return to the country in the near future.

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