Ethiopian Government Unveils Landmark Sea Access Deal to Parliament

Historic Sea Access Deal Presented to Ethiopian Parliament

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopia’s Transport and Logistics Minister, Alemu Sime, has introduced an agreement to Parliament that secures Ethiopia access to a maritime route via North Western of Somalia. Inked on January 1, this pact is poised to transform Ethiopia’s logistics landscape and foster fresh avenues of cooperation, reports Sime.

Addressing Parliament, Sime highlighted the groundbreaking nature of the deal in fulfilling Ethiopia’s long-cherished pursuit of a sea route. “This will catalyze a major shift in logistics performance and engender fresh collaborations,” he proclaimed.

The disclosure aligns with the recent 2nd Red Sea Dialogue hosted by Ethiopia’s Institute of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa, spotlighting the critical need for regional collaboration in the Red Sea corridor. At the forum, Jafar Bedru, the head honcho of the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Institute, reiterated Ethiopia’s age-old connections to the Red Sea and its unwavering drive to cement its stakes in the area.

“The bond between Ethiopia and the Red Sea stretches back centuries. For Ethiopia, this quest concerning the Red Sea is vital to our existence,” Bedru remarked to the press. He accused neighboring nations of plotting to edge Ethiopia out of Red Sea deliberations but assured that Ethiopia is resolutely determined to overcome these barriers.

“Our neighbors are bent on undermining our Red Sea ambitions,” Bedru asserted. Despite such accusations, Ethiopia is steadfast in its plans to implement the agreement with North Western of Somalia, aiming to carve out a share of the Red Sea for its strategic and economic benefit.

Tabling this agreement before Parliament signals a crucial leap in Ethiopia’s maritime goals and underscores the nation’s drive to elevate its connectivity and economic outlook.

The MoU signed between Ethiopia and North Western of Somalia on January 1, 2024, has ratcheted up friction between Ethiopia and Somalia.

By securing a maritime route through North Western of Somalia, Ethiopia might undermine Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial wholeness, drawing ire from the Somali government.


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