Devastating Defeats: Al-Shabaab Forces Decimated in Northeastern State, Somalia

In Somalia’s Northeastern State, Al-Shabaab militants faced heavy losses on Sunday after security forces launched a crackdown in the mountainous regions where the group has been fighting for control. The state media reported that over 20 fighters were killed and many others injured in an ambush in the Almadow hills. The local forces, in coordination with US Africa Command, have been instrumental in maintaining order in the region for some time. Despite recent attempts by Al-Shabaab and ISIS to infiltrate Northeastern State, their rivalry has hindered their progress, giving the security forces an opportunity to strengthen their position. The Al-Shabaab group is under pressure from ongoing operations across the country and has experienced significant losses, with fighters surrendering. Similar operations have been carried out in northeastern Kenya. This information was reported by the state media on Sunday.

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