Somalia Cheers as Al-Shabaab Leaders Face Sanctions with Open Arms

Somalia celebrates as United Nations slaps sanctions on three Al-Shabaab leaders for their nefarious activities within the country. The UN Security Council targeted Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir, Mohamed Mohamud Mire, and Mohamed Omar Mohamed for orchestrating attacks on civilians and security personnel, as well as engaging in extortion schemes to fund terrorist operations. This move, according to Daud Aweis, Somalia’s Information, Communication, and Culture minister, will greatly aid in combating Al-Shabaab, who largely relies on extortion for financial gain. The individuals are now subject to financial and travel restrictions under Resolution 2713, restricting their movements globally. The Federal Government of Somalia commends the UN Security Council’s decision to sanction these Al-Shabaab leaders, as the country intensifies efforts to combat the terrorist group with support from the US Africa Command and ATMIS. Operations will focus on Jubaland and Southwest states in the coming days.

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