Boosting Community Engagement: Somali Police Chief Collaborates with Religious Leaders

Somali Police Chief General Sulub Ahmed Firin met with Somali clerics in Mogadishu to discuss improving cooperation between the police and religious leaders in the community.

During the meeting, some scholars praised the police for their efforts in combatting the dissemination of inappropriate content on social media by young individuals.

The clerics also appreciated the Chief’s decision to consider the memorization of the Qur’an equivalent to possessing a high school diploma for those looking to join the Somali Police Force.

In the previous week, the Somali police apprehended 21 social media influencers, both male and female, who were accused of spreading derogatory remarks based on clan affiliation and promoting negative conduct online.

The police alleged that these influencers were inciting chaos and division within the community. The majority of those arrested are currently in custody, awaiting legal proceedings.

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