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Ali Bongo affords his first interview since his

"Energy, I have plenty of it!" Ali Bongo explained this to the pan-African weekly Jeune Afrique. The Gabonese president broke a very long silence that he had observed since his stroke in October 2018, and it was for Jeune Afrique that he chose to speak for the first time. The interview is very long, four pages. Ali Bongo talks about everything including his health. "I feel good. I even increased my pace at work. I can not wait to be 100% of my ability again," he replied. ON his opponent wondering Regarding his ability…

Noureddin Bongo, Ali Bongo’s son, speaks

Noureddin Bongo Valentin, the son of Ali Bongo, who holds the post of general coordinator for presidential affairs, gave his first interview. Named for this post in December 2019, Noureddin Bongo, often contacted as his father's successor, has never spoken publicly. He broke the silence. He gave his very first interview to Ecofin, an economic agency with a pan-African calling.…

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