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Senegal: opposition union, alliance

Provisional release was granted on Wednesday, March 24, to Guy Marius Sagna, Amadou Clédor Sène or Assane Diouf, activists arrested a month ago, in particular for "organizing a rebel movement". These releases come in connection with legal proceedings against Ousmane Sonko, the opponent accused of raping an employee of a massage parlor. With this deal, the opposition regained media. She is appealing for "unity" against President Macky Sal's regime. Concrete alliances or wishful thinking? .

the opposition revived by the alliance behind Ousmane?

Last campaign day on Friday 25 December for the 30 candidates vying in Niger for the presidential and team elections on Sunday. Earlier this week, Hama Amadou, who saw his candidacy annulled by the Constitutional Court, called on his activists to vote for former President Mahamane Ousmane, a candidate for RDR Tchandji. Both are expected this Friday in Maradi, after several stages in the region. A few…

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