striking teachers keep the pressure on

The “We Supported Too Much” movement (OTS), which launched the “dead chalk” operation on February 21, has still not lifted its strike slogan. Other teachers, especially those in primary school who had been relatively behind until then, have also joined the strikers. The battle is therefore still going on, as in this bilingual high school in Mabanda de Douala.

as reported from Douala, Polycarp Essomba

In the school courtyard, a dozen students stroll. Some of them have just completed their evaluations. The administration of the establishment has made it an honor despite the strike is still ongoing.

“The evaluations have started since Thursday. We started with math, then SVT. Tomorrow we will finish with English “, explains one student.

“A great shame for the teaching staff” Evaluations made in the absence of teachers who condemn it, as Romeo, striking: “The exam was supervised by some of the staff who are temporary and other young people that we have engaged in the neighborhood. It is a great shame for “We really feel affected by our personal pride. The fact that we take almost inexperienced people to compare them with us is a big disappointment for us. We said, we will not touch these copies.”

“Insufficient” measures Despite another crisis meeting held on Monday at the school’s premises, teachers still do not intend to give up any of their demands: “For the measures taken by the government, we already say thank you, but they are insufficient for our taste. There is no real traceability that reassures us about the payments and deadlines that we think are quite long.

The crisis, which is in its fourth week, now involves a risk of a blank year. Possibility of disaster that the government refuses to consider.

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