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Striking Response: Somali Community Embraces Arrival of Dr. Abdirashiid (Jiley) in Minnesota

By Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Hussein Thursday, May 2, 2024 It's a privilege to meet with the Minnesota Member of Parliament of Somalia and the Somali representative for Health and Nutrition, Dr. Abdirashiid Jiley. We engaged in a panel discussion regarding the current situation in Somalia and the disagreements over the constitutional amendment. Dr. Jiley shared the obstacles he encounters in the government and the Parliament's role. He mentioned significant alterations to Somalia's constitution, giving the President the power to…

striking teachers keep the pressure on

The "We Supported Too Much" movement (OTS), which launched the "dead chalk" operation on February 21, has still not lifted its strike slogan. Other teachers, especially those in primary school who had been relatively behind until then, have also joined the…

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