Southgate Announces Saka and Stones as Key Absences in England’s Prep for Euro 2024

Gareth Southgate finds himself assessing the condition of several key England players before their Euro 2024 stint kicks off this month.

At a Sunday briefing, Southgate announced absences for England’s match against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bukayo Saka, sidelined after skipping Arsenal’s season finale, gets a breather. Meanwhile, John Stones is easing back post a victorious season with Manchester City.

Also on the injury list, Manchester United’s Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw might sit out for an extended duration with Euro 2024 looming, starting June 14 in Germany.

“Their rehabilitation is on track,” noted Southgate. “However, they’re sitting out tomorrow’s game.”

Bukayo and Stones are off the roster tomorrow as well. Others are cleared to play.

“Stones arrived late and hasn’t joined the group yet. He’ll adhere to a solo schedule. Saka is in good shape but will rest tomorrow, likely returning Friday,” Southgate clarified.

Questions hang over Anthony Gordon after he linked up post a stellar season at Newcastle United.

“Gordon might make it by Friday,” Southgate said. “As for the other two [Maguire and Shaw], that remains uncertain.”

Despite injuries, Southgate anticipates retaining a defensive squad akin to England’s 2018 World Cup semi-finalist team.

Southgate lavished praise on his defence’s reliability, noting their tenure at premier clubs and proven mettle in critical clashes.

“Their shared big-match experiences have forged a tight-knit group. With promising young defenders entering the mix, the seniors excel in integrating them seamlessly,” he added.

In Harry Kane’s likely absence, Kieran Trippier is set to lead, an assignment he cherishes regardless of his playing status.

Trippier shared, “Leading out the team will be a unique honour, especially with my son as the mascot. It speaks volumes about Gareth’s trust in me.”

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