Postecoglou Vows to Push Tottenham to Achieve Ambitious Goals

Ange Postecoglou has high goals for Tottenham, aiming for more success after finishing fifth in the Premier League this season. Postecoglou is determined to achieve “lofty ambitions” for the club, despite challenges along the way.

Following a 3-0 victory over Sheffield United, the team ended the season on a high note. However, a defeat to Manchester City dashed their hopes of Champions League qualification in the next season.

Postecoglou expressed satisfaction with Tottenham’s performance in Sheffield, highlighting Dejan Kulusevski’s impressive goals. Yet, he remains focused on pushing the team to new heights.

Reflecting on his first season in charge, Postecoglou admitted to enjoying the challenges of leading a big club like Tottenham. Despite the ups and downs, his ultimate goal is to see the team excel.

While Kulusevski’s scoring spree was a highlight, Postecoglou praised his efforts and emphasized the importance of consistency in the final third. Looking ahead, the manager is optimistic about the team’s future success.

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