Ancelotti Declares Real Madrid’s Unyielding Power in the Champions League

Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t think his team lacks respect in the Champions League this year.
Ancelotti believes everyone respects Madrid, as they demonstrated by beating Manchester City.
Despite City’s dominance in the second leg, Madrid emerged victorious, reaching the semi-finals against Bayern Munich.
The fourteen-time European champions surprised many by defeating City, even after Karim Benzema’s departure.
Ancelotti stated, “Madrid always commands respect in this tournament, due to our capabilities.”
Bernardo Silva described Madrid as “strange,” a term that left Ancelotti unfazed.
Ancelotti rejected the notion of Madrid being “strange,” emphasizing the team’s history and jersey weight.
Facing Bayern Munich, Ancelotti noted that they are not worried about being favorites.
Ancelotti acknowledged the tough matchup ahead, knowing Bayern’s quality and resilience.
The first leg will also mark Ancelotti’s return to Munich, a city he admires greatly.

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