Alassane Ouattara continues to call for

In the Ivory Coast, there was a feast day this Tuesday, July 20, for the Muslim believers. Believers celebrated Eid al-Kebir, also known as Tabaski in West Africa. President Alassane Ouattara seized the opportunity and demanded a continuation of the national reconciliation process. The head of state had not spoken on the subject since he returned to the country Laurent Gbagbo.

as reported from Abidjan, Sidy Yansane

The explanation is short, but important, because so far Alassane Ouattara had been silent about the political climate and national reconciliation, which has been officially going on since Laurent Gbagbo’s return to the Ivory Coast a month ago.

Shortly after Tabaski celebrations at the Grand Mosque in the Riviera Golfe, the head of state urged his citizens to continue the process of national cohesion. In the last ten days, the media exchanges between the presidential party RHDP and the opposition party FPI-PDCI have above all sounded like a return to the usual rivalries.

“This celebration is a celebration of the gathering, of peace, of harmony,” said Alassane Ouattara. May the steps that have been taken for social cohesion, for reconciliation continue to grow stronger. May the Ivory Coast continue to live in peace! I want to assure our countrymen that through the grace of the Lord we guarantee the safety of our citizens ”.

Since Laurent Gbagbo’s comeback with a bang, the two men have still not spoken to each other. The country is still waiting for a timetable for the establishment of a major national dialogue.


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