Yasin Faray: Al-Shabaab’s Double-Pronged Assault in Eeldheer Ends in Crushing Defeat

Faray revealed that Al-Shabaab launched a dual-pronged assault on the district but failed to penetrate the defenses set by government forces and local allies at Eeldheer’s outskirts. “The skirmish, which raged for nearly four hours, saw Al-Shabaab retreating with significant casualties,” Faray reported.

The Somali authorities announced Saturday that their troops, aided by clan militias, thwarted a terror attack on a military outpost in central Somalia, killing around 47 Al-Shabaab militants and injuring many others.

Galmudug’s Security Minister, Mohamed Adan Gabobe, confirmed they had forewarning about the Al-Shabaab offensive and stressed the army’s readiness and successful defense. “Our troops were on high alert, and they effectively repelled the attack. The intended havoc by Al-Shabaab turned upon them. We repossessed 20 kilometers of territory,” Gabobe declared.

The Somali government noted that five of their soldiers perished in the combat. However, Al-Shabaab, which claimed responsibility, shared images of charred vehicles and several fallen soldiers, asserting these were from their onslaught on the military base in Eeldheer district.

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