WFP plane carrying food lands in Tigray from Addis Ababa

Ethiopia- Addis Ababa- The World Food Program [WFP] sent a humanitarian plane to war-torn Tigray, with the aim of helping thousands of people struggling with anger and femininity.

The plane was the second to be shipped from Bole International Airport to Addis Ababa and hours later landed at Tigray’s Alula Aba Nega International Airport in Mekelle today.

Perhaps this puts an end to concerns about Ethiopia’s commitment to allow aid teams to cross Tigray without restrictions.

A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared a unilateral ceasefire to allow humanitarian teams access to Tigray, where the federal army is carrying out operations in pursuit of the Tigray Defense Forces. [TDF].

More than thirty people and humanitarian personnel are on board, according to the Foreign Ministry. WFP’s first humanitarian plane landed at Mekelle Alula Abanega airport on July 17, 2021, following the announcement of the unilateral ceasefire.

However, Ethiopia’s sincerity has raised concerns given reports that a convoy carrying humanitarian aid teams has been stranded in Afar, a state neighboring Tigray. WFP confirmed the incident on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the inhabitants of Addis Ababa organized a demonstration this morning to protest against the TDF and to show their support for the defense army. For its part, TDF accuses the federal government of having executed innocent civilians in Tigray.

The protest, which took place in Meskel Square, was attended by government officials, including the deputy mayor of the city of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie.

Speaking at the event, Adanech said that “our internal and external enemies are working together to derail our reform process and our path to prosperity.”

“Together with our people, we will defeat these enemies who strive to undermine our sovereignty, weaken our unity and discourage our path to prosperity,” she said.

The President of the Addis Ababa Women’s Association, Huluhagerish Tazeze, for her part declared that the terrorist TPLF is the enemy of both the people of Tigray and the Ethiopians.



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