US sanctions in opposition to an accused Eritrean common

On Monday, August 23, the United States announced sanctions against a senior Eritrean military official, General Filipos Woldeyohannes. He is accused by Washington of abusing the Eritrean forces in the Tigray conflict. The latter intervened from the beginning of the conflict in this Ethiopian province to support Addis Ababa against the TPLF rebels.

For Washington, General Filipos Woldeyohannes, “Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Armed Forces, is responsible for serious abuses perpetrated by his troops in the Tigray conflict,” the U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement. the Eritrean army There she is accused of massacres, looting and sexual abuse. Soldiers raped, tortured and executed civilians.

All property belonging to this general in the United States “is now blocked” and US citizens are prohibited from doing business with him.

Eritrea rejects US “blackmail” Washington calls on Eritrea to withdraw from Ethiopia and calls on the parties to the conflict to end human rights violations and negotiate a ceasefire.

Eritrea reacted immediately, rejecting US accusations, calling them “completely baseless accusations” and “blackmail.”

By May last year, Washington had already imposed travel restrictions on several members of the Eritrean government and armed forces for their involvement in Tigray.


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