Turkey Takes Initiative to Construct Embassy for Somalia in Ankara

Turkey is planning to construct Somalia’s embassy in Ankara, with a price tag of $6 million. This agreement was reached in 2022 and highlights the strong relationship between the two nations.

In 2015, Somalia generously donated a plot of land to Turkey, resulting in the construction of Turkey’s largest diplomatic mission worldwide in Mogadishu. In return, Somalia will receive land in Ankara’s Incek diplomatic site.

After completion, Somalia will have the option to sell the land and building in the future. This move has been met with criticism, as some argue that funds could be better used for domestic projects and services instead.

Despite this, Turkey has been a key partner for Somalia, providing significant humanitarian aid and military training since 2011. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has continued to invest heavily in the development and security of Somalia over the past decade.

Overall, the construction of the new embassy symbolizes the strong and enduring relationship between Turkey and Somalia.

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