SouthWest State Denounces Misrepresentation of Ethiopian Troop Exit from Somalia

SouthWest State Rejects Misinformation on Ethiopian Military Exit from Somalia

BAIDOA, Somalia – The SouthWest State Ministry of Internal Security released a statement countering claims by Hussein Moalim, the Somali President’s National Security Advisor, about the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from Somalia under the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

Moalim’s announcement, which stated that Ethiopian troops would leave by December 2024, faced robust opposition from the SouthWest State Ministry. The Ministry stressed the pivotal role played by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in ATMIS and reaffirmed their ongoing dedication to peacekeeping in Somalia.

The Ministry’s rebuttal to Moalim highlights the intricate security situation in Somalia, especially during this transitional period as ATMIS troops begin to pull out, and the potential ripple effects following this major change.

Ethiopian troops command significant territory in Somalia, particularly in the Bay and Bakool areas of Southwest State. Their presence has been instrumental in combating Al-Shabaab and safeguarding key towns and supply lines.

There are two primary contingents of Ethiopian forces: one operating under the AU mission (ATMIS), and another functioning based on a bilateral security agreement between Ethiopia and Somalia. The ENDF is a crucial asset for Somalia, tasked with operations in the most perilous zones.

As this situation evolves, the ramifications of this disagreement between SouthWest State and the Somali central government on Somalia’s broader security context is yet to unfold.

The Ministry’s focus on countering falsehoods and ensuring the public receives accurate information is vital for building trust and encouraging collaboration among the various parties engaged in Somalia’s security and peacekeeping missions.


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