South Sudan Accuses UAE of Not Disrupting Sudan Mediation Efforts

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not undermining Sudan mediation talks, according to South Sudan. Recent conflicts between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) prompted the allegations. Juba denies the claims against Abu Dhabi, calling for accountability on both sides. South Sudan has been leading the mediation talks, closely watched by the world. Mubarak Ardol accused a UAE official of visiting rebel areas in South Kordofan after Juba, trying to disrupt an agreement on delivering aid. Minister Ramadan Mohamed Abdallah Goch said there was no foreign interference in Sudan’s humanitarian aid efforts. He praised Sudanese leaders for prioritizing people over politics in seeking South Sudan’s help to mediate a ceasefire. The ongoing mediation talks have shown positive outcomes, progress made under the Transitional Council’s initiative. Mars. Ramadan Mohamed Abdallah Goch commended the process as Sudanese leaders take charge of discussions peacefully. Tut Gatluak, South Sudan’s Presidential Adviser on National Security Affairs, also praised the peace talks. He noted the support and happiness of Sudanese people seeking peaceful dialogue and resolution. Gatluak emphasized that military action isn’t the answer to Sudan’s problems. He called on the international community to back Sudan in implementing peace outcomes. The AXADLETM reports on the events.

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