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South Africa is facing a power outage

Since Tuesday, June 28, South Africans have been without electricity for at least six hours a day. While the country is subject to regular power outages due to aging and poorly maintained infrastructure, these are the worst load reductions in almost three years…

Somali military kills 2 terrorists and catches 4 others within the south

MOGADISHU -- The elite Somali National Army (SNA) forces, Danab, stated on Thursday that their forces had killed two al-Shabab militants and arrested 4 others in an undercover operation within the south from the nation. SNA commanders who didn't flee the villages of the operation within the Lower Juba area informed the Somali News Agency that elite forces backed by Jubaland safety forces destroyed al-Shabab automobiles that had been used to stage assaults in the world. SNA commanders stated weapons and explosive…

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