Somali President’s Advisor Criticizes Northeastern State Leader’s Failure to Participate in Constitution Negotiations

Somalia’s Constitution Adviser, Hussein Sheikh Mohamud, called out Northeastern State’s leader Said Abdullahi Deni for prioritizing his own agenda over negotiations.

Speaking on a local TV station in Mogadishu, Mohamud pointed out that Northeastern State lawmakers in the federal parliament supported constitution amendments, contrasting with President Deni’s opposition.

Mocking Deni for allegedly listing MPs’ names on his hand, Mohamud questioned his knowledge of government affairs and challenged him to show any objections from Northeastern State representatives in parliament.

Mohamud stressed the parliament’s authority over the constitution and advised state governments to trust their chosen MPs in federal parliament.

In March, both houses of parliament in Somalia approved amendments focused on freedom of speech, women’s representation, and leadership structure.

Despite this, figures like Northeastern State’s leader, former Presidents Farmajo and Sheikh Sharif, and various politicians raised objections to the constitutional changes.

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