Many university students in the US were detained as demonstrations condemning the Gaza conflict escalated.

Law enforcement officers were present in large numbers, deploying chemical irritants and Tasers to disperse students at various universities joining the movement.

Protesters across the United States are demanding a Gaza ceasefire and divestment from companies supporting Israel’s prolonged conflict with Palestine.

Violence escalated as police used force on students who protested against ongoing bombings in Gaza and US military aid to Israel.

In Boston, around 100 people were detained during the clearance of a protest camp at Northeastern University.

Northeastern University confirmed the situation has returned to normal after outside organizers disrupted student protests.

Accusations of anti-Semitic chants led to the crackdown on demonstrators by security personnel, but conflicting reports emerged about the incident.

In the Midwest, Indiana University Police arrested 23 individuals during the dispersal of a campus protest camp.

Arizona State University Police detained 69 people for trespassing after setting up an unauthorized camp on campus.

At Washington University in St. Louis, 80+ arrests were made, including US presidential candidate Jill Stein.

University leaders struggled to control protests with violent police intervention, resulting in numerous arrests nationwide.

Students and faculty demanded amnesty for those disciplined or terminated due to protesting against pro-Palestine causes.

Recent weeks have seen increased crackdowns and punishments on campus due to pro-Palestine protests.

Actions of the students are seen as risky, potentially leading to expulsion or disciplinary actions from universities.

Three demands from protesting students at Emory University included financial disclosure, divestment from Israeli companies, and protection for arrested students.

Protests against the Gaza conflict have spread to universities in Canada, Europe, and Australia, with demands for divestment and disassociation from the Israeli state.

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