Internet interruptions during exams affect the economy

Authorities ordered the disconnection of 3G during the patent tests from Monday to Wednesday. No internet between 8 and at. 12 and in the evening between kl. 15 and at 19 universal time. According to the government, the measure is aimed at combating fraud, but the measure seriously affects economic activities across the country.

Ahmed, in his thirties, manages a small money transfer agency between Nouakchott and the interior regions. Since Monday, its activities have stopped: “Due to internet shutdown, I had important emails to send, I could not send them. I have clients who are dissatisfied because they expect answers from me. ”

Hacene, another user, drove daily between the capital’s markets and public departments to supply office supplies. His work is blocked: “All neighboring countries like Mali and Senegal organize their competitions without ever cutting the internet. We can not continue. We are tired. The government is robbing us of our daily livelihood. The state must modernize by organizing its competitions without punishing us. ”

Ten days ago, Internet users had experienced the same disadvantage. The baccalaureate exam had led to the internet supply being stopped for seven days at the same time.


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