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Nearly One Million People in East Africa Affected by Devastating Floods and Landslides, According to UNICEF

Deserted vans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Photographer: AP Photo Nairobi (AX) - UNICEF has reported that almost one million people in Eastern Africa are suffering from floods and landslides caused by heavy rains, stressing the urgent need for humanitarian aid. The latest report on East Africa flood situation from UNICEF states that a large number of individuals have been displaced in Burundi, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania. Extensive damage has been recorded, including impacts on homes, schools, infrastructure, as well as the…

Internet interruptions during exams affect the economy

Authorities ordered the disconnection of 3G during the patent tests from Monday to Wednesday. No internet between 8 and at. 12 and in the evening between kl. 15 and at 19 universal time. According to the government, the measure is aimed at combating fraud, but the measure seriously affects economic activities across the country. Ahmed, in his thirties, manages a small money transfer agency between Nouakchott and the interior regions. Since Monday, its activities have stopped: "Due to internet shutdown, I had important…

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