Hawiye meeting in Mogadishu brings votes against Farmajo’s term

Hawiye meeting in Mogadishu casts votes against Farmajo’s extension of charge

MOGADISHU, Somalia – A group of elders, former presidents, legislators and candidates in Somalia dismissed the recent decision by the House of Commons to add incumbent President Farmajo to another two years in office, a move that had also been the subject of international condemnation.

The notable people, mostly from the influential Hawiye clan, held an emergency meeting in Mogadishu on Monday, rejecting the concept of extension, which has since been approved by Farmajo, who was first elected president of Somalia in 2017.

According to reports, the meeting attracted over 400 elders from the clan who trust decision-making. Former Presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud along with former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire attended the meeting.

In a statement, the elders stressed that they would not recognize Farmajo’s extension of two years, adding that the outgoing president has been notorious for harassment by Hawiye politicians throughout his tenure.

This is the first major statement from clan elders who are major stakeholders in Somalia’s complicated division of power. Clans play an important role in the country’s politics, and more often than not they dictate what happens in political circles.

The clan provided a ten-point communication that has many similarities with, among others, members of the international community. The clan wants the term extension to be revoked immediately. Here are the key points of communication.

one) It is illegal for MPs – whose own mandate expired – to vote to extend the ex-president’s term by two years. For that reason, we will not recognize President Farmajo.

b) To immediately withdraw the illegal period extension for both Parliament and the President. We have to block everything to cement the term extension.

c) To return to the agreement on September 17, as it is the best path to elections. To convene an immediate meeting between the federal Member States and political stakeholders without being restricted by the President’s participation, who has stated that he is not interested in holding an election.

d) The president and parliament of the lower house are held accountable for the consequences of the illegal extension.

e) We urge members of the Somali National Army not to be part of politics. We explicitly warn the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief of Police, who is currently busy implementing the enlargement.

f) We are opposed to the position of some regional states supporting Farmajo’s enlargement. We inform them (FMS) that the Somali people in their respective regions do not support this initiative. We urge them to return to the decision immediately. The leaders of these regional states will be held accountable for any uncertainty caused by this decision.

g) This forum would like to express its appreciation to Northeastern State and Jubaland, the upper house of parliament, the Council of Presidential candidates and the international community, who have strongly expressed their opposition to enlargement, which will hinder the growing democracy.

h) This forum would like to inform the AMISOM peacekeeping mission to be aware that the ex-president’s term has expired, which is committed to inciting disagreement and violence.

I) We call on the Somali people to reject this illegal period extension and agree to defend the existing policy of going to the polls every four years. Elections form the basis of nation-building and democratic values.

j) The Forum would like to express its gratitude to the international community for its unwavering support for the Somali people.

The Hawiye Clan Conference comes amid growing local pressure against President Farmajo’s two-year extension granted to him by the House of Commons on April 12.

Farmajo has since called on the African Union to mediate the crisis, although the international community continues to call for dialogue. Somalia has never had a stable government since 1991 following the ouster of Siad Barre, a military dictator.



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