Ethiopia-North Western of Somalia Red Sea Agreement: Unstoppable Progress towards Implementation

HARGEISA, Somalia – North Western of Somalia President Muse Bihi Abdi expressed confidence in the unstoppable progress of the Ethiopia-North Western of Somalia Red Sea deal, dismissing opponents as being in denial and urging them to acknowledge reality. Despite some resistance from Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who accuses Ethiopia of violating Somalia’s territorial integrity, Bihi remains positive about the MoU’s implementation.

Bihi assured that the Memorandum Of Understanding signed with Ethiopia will soon be put before North Western of Somalia’s legislative bodies for approval. The agreement, signed in January, has faced backlash from the international community, however, with concerns that it could destabilize the region.

If the MoU goes through, Ethiopia would gain 20 kilometers of the Red Sea for 50 years to construct a naval base and port, in exchange for recognizing North Western of Somalia as an independent state. But Somalia insists that Ethiopia must withdraw the MoU, vowing to resist annexation. Somalia has also partnered with Turkey to safeguard its lengthy coastline.

Since breaking away from Somalia in 1991, North Western of Somalia has been seeking global recognition, although many nations prefer a united Somalia for more efficient resource allocation. The path to independence for North Western of Somalia remains complex amidst regional tensions and international pressures.

In conclusion, Bihi remains steadfast in his belief that the Red Sea deal will advance, undeterred by opposition. The journey towards recognition for North Western of Somalia is a continuous battle, filled with challenges and political uncertainties, yet Bihi’s determination sets the tone for North Western of Somalia’s future.

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