Anticipated Reduction in Prices for Eid Al-Adha Sacrificial Animals

Faisal Al-Ansari, Head of the Commercial Control Department at the Ministry of Commerce, revealed that the Ministry’s rapid response team has carried out thorough inspections at all sheep markets and auctions. This initiative is a vital part of their plan to monitor prices and detect any potential abuses targeting consumers during the sacrificial season. Additionally, sheep trader Manawer Al-Wawan announced that around 30,000 sheep are being imported from Jordan, expected to arrive through Iraq next week. This comes after the recent arrival of approximately 800 sheep.

Al-Ansari emphasized that auctions serve as the main source of sheep, and the rapid response team is closely monitoring sales activities at these locations. At present, prices are considered reasonable, with Iranian Shafali sheep priced between 75 and 90 dinars, while local and Saudi Nuaimi sheep can cost up to 120 dinars.

Al-Wawan assured that a variety of sacrificial animals are available to cater to different budget ranges, from Australian and Somali sheep to Shafali and local Nuaimi breeds. He stressed that the season will run until Eid Al-Adha, predicting that prices will drop further afterward due to decreased demand and the summer holiday season.

Sheep dealer Suleiman Al-Musafer expressed confidence in the market’s recovery and anticipated price reductions with the arrival of new sheep shipments from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He observed that this year’s sacrificial market rates are more reasonable compared to previous years, signaling a positive trend for consumers.

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