Al-Shabaab Undermines Progress Made by President of Somalia

In Mogadishu, Somalia, Al-Shabaab has criticized President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s accomplishments, calling him a ‘serial failure’. Mohamud has been in power for three years since replacing Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, promising to defeat the group within two years.

Al-Shabaab claims that Mohamud has not succeeded in his goals, pointing to various attacks by the group on Somali government forces in Gal’ad, Awsweyne, and El-Lahelay. The government’s efforts to combat Al-Shabaab began under Mohamud’s leadership.

State media has highlighted the government’s progress in battling Al-Shabaab and reclaiming territory from the group. Despite initial success in killing over 3,000 militants, logistical challenges have stalled the second phase of operations.

President Mohamud has requested backup for the next phase, set to begin in Jubaland and Southwest states. Somalia aims to have the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) fully withdrawn by 2024, with concerns about the country’s security readiness.

With 5,000 AMISOM troops already gone and more to follow, the transition to Somali National Army responsibility is looming. The remaining troops are scheduled to leave by the end of 2024, raising uncertainties about Somalia’s security future.

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