social tensions in the oil industry

In Chad, the oil tanker ExxonMobil is in the knife segment with its employees. The American multinational, which operates the Doba oil basin in the south of the country, announced a few months ago its intention to sell its assets to an English company. But the terms of this departure do not suit the employees who have entered into a quarrel with the American company. Yesterday, the employees even invaded the runway at the airport at the oil site where the future buyer would land.

as reported from Chad, Madjiasra Nako

This Friday, August 27, just before noon, gendarme vehicles responsible for the safety of oil facilities around Komé V. aircraft will take over. Again to transport future buyers of the assets of ExxonMobil in the Doba oil basin to the site. They mobilize and invade the runway. Until the end of the day, the announced plane will not arrive.

The oil company must meet its commitments It has been several weeks since negotiations between the US major and his employees blocked the terms of his departure. ExxonMobil, which intends to sell its assets, does not want to fully fulfill its social rights. Something that employees refuse. We even stopped production before the government resumed.

For the country’s authorities, the US company must not only fulfill its obligations to its employees but must also fulfill its obligations regarding taxation and respect for the environment before a transaction with the new buyer.

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