Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas still not buried in five months

The Congolese opponent officially died the day after the March 21, 2021 presidential election, of which he was a candidate. But a disagreement within his family, especially when he died, would be the basis for the blocking of funeral procedures.

In recent days, a date has been raised on social networks for the funeral of Guy-Brice Perfect Kolélas September 10, but this provoked the reaction of part of the family to the Congolese politician based in Paris who, according to a statement, opposed this date.

It highlights the controversy surrounding the date of the former presidential candidate’s deaths in 2016 and 2021. According to the autopsy, he died for Covid-19 on March 22. But according to some, it is March 21, President’s Day, that he died, which may affect the validity of the ballot paper. The family therefore wants this date to be officially corrected.

Another element may explain the change in the funeral schedule for the leader of the League of Humanists (UDH-Yuki), according to a family member contacted in Brazzaville: the disappearance last week Philippe Bikinkitain Liverpool, England.

Decision-making about date and place cousin and very close Bernard Kolélas, father of Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas, the former interior minister must be the decision-maker on the date, but also the place of the funeral, deceased with dual French-Congolese nationality. His disappearance may have paved the way for the current disagreement.


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