the battle for the Ceni presidency is worrying

In the DRC, the struggle for the chairmanship of the independent national election commission worries civil society. Many associations announce the National Assembly. In a statement released yesterday Friday, 116 organizations claiming to be “social forces” are calling for a plenary session of the National Assembly to be convened within 72 hours of Monday.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda Muzembe

This plenary session should review the conclusions of the parliamentary committee and support the appointment of the fifteen members of the Ceni. The “social forces” believe that the process of setting up the Ceni office has taken too long, and that this delay risks disrupting the election calendar.

However, the press release published by these “social forces” explains, the various components involved in this process have already provided the lists of their respective members and a joint committee has been set up within the National Assembly to review these candidacies.

But with Catholics? However, the text does not provoke the Catholic and Christ Church in Congo, which is demanding an arbitration by the head of state at the appointment of Ceni’s president, nor does the FCC and the Lamuka opposition wait for the issue to be blocked in order to possibly submit their candidate lists.

For organizations that present themselves as “social forces” in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the measures they are considering are intended to block the way “to the site of dialogue and slippage”. An implication that would aim to postpone the elections planned for 2023. The press release mentions structures, without mentioning them, instrumentalized “by the forces of evil”.

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