satisfaction with the FCC, the parties’ frustration

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is Kalev Mutondo, former head of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) accused of arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and attempted assassinations during Joseph Kabila’s presidency? The Kinshasa-Gombe tribunal de grande instance (TGI), which had initiated a trial, finally declared itself incompetent to try Kalev Mutondo, but for the prosecution and the civilian parties, the former intelligence chief, still largely, should not rejoice quickly.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

To get rid of the case, the court referred to the quality of Kalev Mutondo. At the material time, the later director general of the public administration had. He was therefore only motivated before the Court of Appeal.

That TGI declares itself incompetent is a wise decision, says Alain Atundu, one of the spokesmen for the Kabila camp, whose FCC the former head of ANR is a framework for the country to organize a public trial that would reveal state secrets. For (many) years he acted to defend public order and social peace. Now that power has changed hands, it does not criminalize everything that has been done. Mr Kalev took part in all the negotiations that led to the transfer of power. “

And this former intelligence chief under Mobutu Sese Seko added that it is now necessary “to leave Kalev alone.” He needs to rest ”.

The side of the civil parties, Me Ferdinand Kitenge, lawyer for Jean-Claude Muyambo, one of the complainants, reiterates: “Mr Kalev Mutondo cannot escape justice. We will use all legal avenues. We bow to this is the procedure but we are already appealing. ”

No surprise to the Kinshasa-Gombe Public Prosecutor’s Office, which persecuted Kalev Mutondo. The prosecutor himself had set himself a precondition for the court to withdraw from the case at the first hearing. The civil parties are requesting an acceleration of the proceedings before the Court of Appeal, but Kalev Mutondo is still on the run.

The former Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) is is brought to justice by three of his victims. He is charged with human rights violations

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