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Northeastern State Political Parties Forge Alliance for Timely Completion of Local Council Elections in Somalia by August 2024

Somalia: Northeastern State Political Factions Unite for Local Council Elections by August 2024 In a groundbreaking move, political factions in Northeastern State have joined forces to ensure the completion of Local Council Elections in the remaining three districts before August 1, 2024. The factions involved in this momentous decision include Mideye, Kaah, Horseed, Mustaqbal, Ifiye, and Sincad. This agreement signifies a major stride towards advancing democracy and fostering a more inclusive political process in the…

Kenya is set to facilitate a mediation between the conflicting parties in South Sudan in the near future.

President Williams Ruto of Kenya greeted President Salva Kiir in Nairobi on August 19, 2023 (photo from the SS presidency). Kenya plans to mediate between the South Sudan government and rebel groups soon, according to an official source. Gen. Lazaro Sumbeiywo, a retired Kenyan army officer chosen by President Ruto to lead the negotiations between South Sudan government and rebel groups, expressed optimism about the peace talks. "Our meeting with President Salva Kiir was productive, and mediation could begin soon. This is a…

Gabon: Legal battle erupts in court case between parties

The renowned singer Patience Dabany, also known as former First Lady Joséphine Bongo, filed a complaint against eight top officials of the party for expelling her from the PDG at the beginning of March. She believes this action has caused an "unlawful disturbance." However, yesterday, Tuesday, the expected pleadings have not yet started in English at the First Instance Court.

Mali: Political parties call on the Supreme Court

Malian organizations that signed the March 31 declaration filed a petition on Monday, April 22, before the Supreme Court to annul the decree that suspended political activities on April 10. This coalition includes almost all political parties and civil society organizations in the country, of various perspectives. These groups are demanding to resume their activities, yet their chances of success appear slim.

Cameroon: four opposition parties create a group

SDF, PCRN, UDC and UMS founded on 11 March 2022 "Union for Change". A joint political action program has been signed by the 16 Members of Parliament who now make up this group. Among them, Cabral Libii, the president of the PCRN party. For him, it was necessary to unite before the ruling CPDM party and its 152 deputies' overwhelming dominance.

political parties take a stand on the calendar for

Theoretically, the presidential and legislative elections are scheduled for the end of February 2022. On that date, the transition must also end. Meetings and declarations from political parties are increasing, as are the positions taken in the vote. There are those who insist that it be kept on scheduled dates, which is also a requirement of subregional and international institutions, and those who…

a coalition of opposition parties is emerging

The political peasants are moving in the country, six months before the January 2022 local elections. An opposition coalition, which includes at least Pastef by Ousmane Sonko, the Senegalese Democratic Party Karim Wade, the Unity and Rally Party (PUR) and Taxawu Dakar is being formed. While discussions are ongoing, no official announcement has been made yet.…

In Somaliland, the two main parties

The presidential party was defeated in the parliamentary elections on 1 June. Democratic progress has been hailed as far as Europe. Somaliland's "international partners" have no complaints law election on June 1. In a statement released on Tuesday, European countries and the United Kingdom simply congratulated Hargeisa on the…

satisfaction with the FCC, the parties’ frustration

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is Kalev Mutondo, former head of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) accused of arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and attempted assassinations during Joseph Kabila's presidency? The Kinshasa-Gombe tribunal de grande instance (TGI), which had initiated a trial, finally declared itself incompetent to try Kalev Mutondo, but for the prosecution and…

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