one dead soldier and several civilians killed

In the Central African Republic, a Central African soldier, a peacekeeper and several civilians were killed in Obo in the east of the country on Monday, according to confirming sources. If the different parties agree on the results, the sources of the causes of the event differ.

as reported from Bangui, Carol Valade

Around 20, this Monday 27 July in the evening, shots were heard in the city of Obo, in the far east of the country, for a few hours, then the pistols fell silent.

A Central African soldier lost his life, a lieutenant nicknamed “Sangaris”. A peacekeeper was also affected. He is currently in stable condition. Several civilians were also injured, including a young girl, according to local sources. Shops have been looted or set on fire.

“Coordinated” action

In a statement, the UN mission in the Central African Republic (Minsuca) spoke of a “coordinated” attack on the city, of elements “that should belong to the UPC”.

“Intensive combat” specifies a source, which may be linked to the early July arrest of several members of the armed group. Minusca. Tensions were still high between the two parties last night.

A UN source reports blockages and threats to its facilities. “The city is deserted, the unrest is enormous, the population has sought refuge in the church,” testifies the sub-prefect Dieudonné Yapoulela Youffi, in a relatively quiet place in recent months.


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