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Kenyan President Enlists Opposition Members in Cabinet Expansion

Kenyan President Bolsters Cabinet with Opposition Members In a bid to unite the nation, Kenya's President has expanded his Cabinet by incorporating figures from the opposition. This strategic move aims to foster a sense of inclusiveness and bridge political divides that have long plagued the country. "By bringing in opposition members, we're showing our commitment to governance for all Kenyans," the President expressed. Previously, the President's Cabinet consisted mostly of loyalists and allies from his party. This…

Resolute Joe Biden Pledges to ‘Prevail’ Amid Increasing Opposition

Biden Resolute in His Campaign Amid Rising Democratic Tensions US President Joe Biden is steadfast on staying in the presidential race, even with increasing unrest within the Democratic Party that has led to speculation he might withdraw as soon as this weekend. "The future is at stake, and our decision is crucial. Together, we shall prevail," stated the 81-year-old from his COVID recovery spot at his Delaware beach residence. Biden pledged to return to the campaign trail next week, taking the opportunity to criticize…

Cameroon: four opposition parties create a group

SDF, PCRN, UDC and UMS founded on 11 March 2022 "Union for Change". A joint political action program has been signed by the 16 Members of Parliament who now make up this group. Among them, Cabral Libii, the president of the PCRN party. For him, it was necessary to unite before the ruling CPDM party and its 152 deputies' overwhelming dominance.

arrest warrant against opposition activist Sékou

Guinea's justice has issued an international arrest warrant against Sékou Koundouno, an active member of civil society who is also responsible for the planning and strategy of the FNDC, the front that opposed Alpha Condé's third term. He is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal activity, arson, disturbing the state through massacres, destruction and looting, and participation in a rebellious…

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