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Refugees tell of the hell of detention centers in Libya

The NGO Doctors Without Borders calls for the creation of humanitarian corridors for asylum seekers stranded in Libya, often victims of torture and abuse in Libyan detention centers. Now safe and sound in Niger, two former detainees told our correspondents about their terrible ordeal. They were able to leave Libya thanks to the Emergency Transfer Mechanism, a program set up by UNHCR to evacuate migrants to Niger. Nearly 4,000 people have been evacuated from Libya through this mechanism since 2018.

a new African mission for reconciliation

Congolese Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso, whose country Congo-Brazzaville chairs the high-level committee for discussions on Libya, is on a seven-day mission to Tripoli this week. Arriving on Monday, he is leading a delegation from the African Union. The…

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