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the survivors attempt to construct a everyday life

Ocean Viking, the boat from the SOS Mediterranean organization, is conducting a new rescue campaign in the central Mediterranean. At sea, the ship rescued 796 people from Libya to Europe in January and February. RFI embarks on this mission. Every day we receive the logbook from our special correspondent. "Please play a game with me," Amias asks me. The 9-year-old boy points to two painted boards on the floor. Wooden puck acts as pawns. Amias has been aboard the Ocean Viking for three days: he has already had the…

daily power outages upset the population

In the Comoros, where daily electricity emissions have lasted 10 to 12 hours for ten days, the new CEO of the National Electricity Company held a press conference yesterday to explain the technical causes of this emissions, related to generators and calm the future of energy in the country.

“We monitor daily government spending” (IGF)

The Treasury General is on all hot topics of the hour: civil servant pay, exceptions, answers to covid, Go pass, Bukanda Lonzo ... This institution, which relies on the presidency of the republic, is currently carrying out current 34 control missions including 26 in Kinshasa. However, it only has about forty inspectors still active ... IGF has not recruited for thirty years. The need is so much more urgent, as the Inspector General of Finance now daily checks all the revenue and expenditure of the state to prevent abuse.…

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