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Cultural week celebrated at university to remind students of richness of Somali heritage

Immerse in Somali Splendor: University Hosts Cultural Week to Ignite Student Passion for Heritage

A lively event at SIMAD University's cultural week in Mogadishu featured people in traditional attire on May 11, 2024. Boys in white performed a spirited dance to the beat of Somali music at the university campus. The scene included Somali food, horses, and traditional outfits, kicking off the week-long cultural celebration. Dahir Hassan Arab, the university's leader, emphasized the importance of cultural awareness and pride. He noted that the event aims to educate and celebrate Somali heritage among students. Hassan…

Immersing in Somali Heritage: University’s Vibrant Cultural Week Ignites Pride Among Students

Dahir Hassan Arab, the head of SIMAD University, a non-profit institution in Mogadishu, emphasized the importance of the cultural week in his opening speech. He mentioned that the event is meant to deepen students' understanding and love for Somali culture. "We want our students to take pride in their heritage and remember the rich history behind it. Every nation is unique in its own way, and it is through the preservation of culture that we set ourselves apart," Arab shared with the audience. He described the event as a…

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