Immersing in Somali Heritage: University’s Vibrant Cultural Week Ignites Pride Among Students

Dahir Hassan Arab, the head of SIMAD University, a non-profit institution in Mogadishu, emphasized the importance of the cultural week in his opening speech. He mentioned that the event is meant to deepen students’ understanding and love for Somali culture.

“We want our students to take pride in their heritage and remember the rich history behind it. Every nation is unique in its own way, and it is through the preservation of culture that we set ourselves apart,” Arab shared with the audience.

He described the event as a mix of celebration and learning opportunity for all participants. Hassan Abdifatah, the president of SIMAD University’s Student Government Association, stressed the significance of preserving Somali culture.

“As Somalis, we have a distinct cultural identity that we must uphold. It’s our duty to educate our peers about our heritage. This week is a special chance for all of us,” Abdifatah expressed.

Students play a central role in the cultural week, with Zakariye Mohamed, a student, eager to showcase Somalia’s diverse culture.

“We are highlighting different aspects of our traditions from various regions in Somalia. We need to ensure that the younger generation appreciates the valuable customs passed down to us,” Mohamed shared.

He also mentioned the benefits of learning new skills, such as Somali folk dances. Maryama Yusuf, a law student, was excited to participate in the cultural week.

“Attending this event for the first time has been truly eye-opening. I have discovered traditional foods and usage of unique utensils from our countryside,” Yusuf reflected.

The students feel enriched by the cultural week, gaining a deeper appreciation for their customs. The event immerses them in Somalia’s rich heritage with the smell of national dishes, folk music, and lively conversations.

By preserving their culture through such initiatives, SIMAD University students ensure that Somalia’s beauty and history will inspire future generations.

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