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for Macron, Alpha Condé amended the constitution “only to retain power”

In an interview with the newspaper "Jeune Afrique", the French president looks back on the major projects that have been carried out with Africa since his arrival in the Élysée and can boast a change of method. He tackles Russia and Turkey who want to play against French sentiments according to him and expresses himself about the situation in many countries, starting with Mali. In Mali, Emmanuel Macron does notthis interview, comments on the current transition but recalls that he refuses discussions with jihadist groups…

the amended constitutional document approved by the authorities

The Sudanese authorities approved the constitutional document in its new amended version earlier this week. According to the Official Journal of the European Union, this document extends the transition period by approximately fourteen months. The text was signed in August 2019 between the Forces for Freedom and Change and the Military Council. He is supposed to steer the transition period, which will…

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