Raven-Symoné shares how she lost 30 pounds in three months

To lose 30 kilos in just a few months? It is so Raven. Multihyphenate star Raven-Symoné has shared her weight loss journey with fans and revealed the exact tips and tricks she has used to lose 30 pounds and improve her health in just three months.
Now, in a new interview, the actress and TV host reveal the exact steps she took to lose weight and improve her health for a while – and there are no personal trainers or expensive diet plans involved.

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In a new interview with Australia Today Show, Raven-Symoné revealed that she decided to lose weight after having a scary experience with the doctor.

“My numbers came back and it scared the crap out of me. I’ve always handled weight my whole life … exceeding £ 200 at some point and going below £ 150 at other points,” she explains. “There was a moment recently where I sat down with my wife and I was just like ‘This has to stop.’ “

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raven symphony with purple hair on the red carpet

To lose weight, Raven-Symoné adopted a “low-carb, high-fat” way of eating that she says keeps her full in a way that her previous meal plans did not.

In addition to her new way of eating, the star says she has incorporated “lots of fasting” and low-impact exercise into her regular routine.

raven symone in white jacket

Raven-Symoné says that, in addition to changing her eating habits, she feels that she “finally understands[s] the science of my body and what it needs to have a healthy weight. “

The star says that much of her weight loss has occurred due to a seismic mental and emotional change. “I call some of my weight ‘hate weight,'” she explains, noting that therapy and her happy marriage have helped her change. just as much and remove all the things that really pushed my insulin levels to a point of no return and created an insulin resistance in me that is very dangerous for future health. “

raven symone on red carpet in leather jacket

Raven-Symoné says she does not let the number on the scale determine how she feels about her progress.

“I put that number away, I put that scale away,” she says. “What I’m looking at is: Can I walk up a flight of stairs without pushing and pushing? Can I wake up without inflammation in my ankles and wrists and all my injuries? Can I digest food without choking in my stomach? … I’m not trying to hit a target number, I’m just trying to stay healthy. “

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