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a lack of kerosene disrupts air traffic

Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa is facing a shortage of kerosene. This situation causes various disruptions, including delayed, rebooked or canceled flights. The reason: a planning problem that is accentuated by global price increases. So far no…

18 million people at risk

Eighteen million people are threatened by food security in the Sahel over the next three months. This is the terrible observation made by the World Food Program (WHO) on Friday, May 20, during its weekly press conference in Geneva, Switzerland. This figure is…

Chad wants to calm Mali and save the G5 Sahel

A Chadian delegation was in Bamako on Friday, May 20. with one goal: to ease tensions, following Mali's decision to withdraw from the G5 Sahel's political-military alliance. Government spokesman Abderaman Koulamallah met with Mali's interim president, Colonel…

In Ndjamena, power outages are rotting

Every dry season, there is a shortage of electricity in Chad's capital. In some districts it is closed for weeks. Faced with this situation, which does not seem to have changed over the years, it is the system to cope, especially for traders who are trying to adapt to continue working.

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