James Declares Ferguson Superior to Guardiola in Controversial Statement

David James believes that Alex Ferguson outranks Pep Guardiola as the top Premier League manager, despite City’s recent win. Guardiola’s Manchester City became the first team to win four consecutive league titles, defeating West Ham 3-1. Previously, Manchester United, under Ferguson’s leadership, won three consecutive Premier League seasons twice. Guardiola has the chance to make history by clinching back-to-back league and FA Cup doubles against United. James, a former City goalkeeper, disagrees with placing Guardiola on the same level as Ferguson based on statistics and longevity. He argues that Ferguson’s success and impact on Manchester United sets him apart. Despite Guardiola’s success, James believes he needs more time in the league to challenge Ferguson’s legacy. Guardiola mentioned a possible departure, sparking speculation about his future. James thinks it is crucial for Guardiola to consider his personal goals. He believes Guardiola’s competitive nature will drive him to continue achieving success. James hopes Guardiola stays, as he believes having a strong competitor benefits the league. City will likely do everything to retain Guardiola for the long term.

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