De Bruyne Mulls Departure from Man City Amidst Rumors of a Lucrative Saudi Pro League Move

Kevin De Bruyne has expressed a willingness to explore new opportunities, possibly including a move to the Saudi Pro League.

This seasoned midfielder is nearing the end of his agreement with Manchester City. He originally signed with the club in 2015, moving from Wolfsburg.

During his tenure, City has clinched a plethora of trophies including six Premier League titles, five EFL Cups, a pair of FA Cups, the Champions League, and the Club World Cup. De Bruyne has been central to their triumphs.

Nevertheless, in the 2023-24 season, De Bruyne’s involvement was reduced, with only 26 appearances following a five-month break due to injury. This season marked City’s historic fourth consecutive league title.

Feeling the lure of potentially lucrative offers, De Bruyne contemplates a possible transfer to Saudi Arabia.

“My contract has a year left, so I’m pondering future possibilities,” De Bruyne disclosed to VTM, a Belgian media outlet.

“An exotic adventure appeals to Michele [his wife]. We’ve started discussing this more frequently as a family,” he added.

“My eldest child, aged eight, has only ever known life in England and is curious about how long I’ll stay with City. When the moment comes, we’ll need to manage it carefully.”

“At my stage in life, being receptive to various opportunities is essential, especially when they come with substantial financial benefits. It’s something to consider towards the twilight of my career,” he explained.

As the captain of Belgium, De Bruyne is preparing for Euro 2024. His team is set to face Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia in Group E.

In final preparations, the Red Devils will face off against Montenegro and Luxembourg in upcoming friendlies this week.

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