Bologna Officially Announce Motta’s Transfer to Juventus

Thiago Motta is expected to leave Bologna after guiding the team to Champions League qualification, with a potential move to Turin.

Bologna confirmed that head coach Thiago Motta will depart at the end of the season, with speculation linking him to Juventus.

Under Motta’s leadership, Bologna secured a top-five Serie A finish and Champions League qualification with one match left.

He is a top candidate to replace Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus following his departure after the Coppa Italia victory.

Motta’s transfer to Turin seems likely as Bologna announced he would not renew his contract.

Club president Joey Saputo praised Motta’s coaching abilities and the team’s success in securing a Champions League spot.

Bologna is set to face Genoa in their final game, where a win would secure a top-four finish in the season.

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