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In Moroni, the opposition’s common front held a press conference on Tuesday, April 13, in particular to examine the death of retired Major Hakim, who occurred during an interrogation at a barracks in Anjouan. The government explains his death in different but completely natural ways. Many questions arise. The opposition demands that the religious and judicial authorities take a stand.

as reported from Moroni, Anziza M’Changama

The Comorian government spoke of concern during the interrogation of Major Hakim, while the common front of the opposition questions up to the procedure under which the retired soldier hasfound death. He does not hesitate to use the word “murder”.

“He is a retired ex-soldier. Now he must have the rights of a civilian. It was not an accident that happened to him along the way. He was arrested by the army, which has no authority to carry out such missions, said Abdourazak Razida, a spokesman for the opposition’s common front. He should have been transferred to the gendarmerie, but they kept him in a military camp. We wonder if we did not bury him alive. This is a question we ask ourselves. ”

“The chief of staff can not be unconscious”

Statements even within the authorities differ when they discovered the case. The opposition sees it as an attempt to hide. “The chief of staff was in Anjouan the day he was assassinated and the night he was buried. But the day he was exhumed, he was already in Moroni. So he is aware of everything that has happened. Because he’s the chief of staff. It all happened in a military camp of which he is the leader. He probably does not know the people who executed him. But he can not be aware of it until he arrives at the cunning in Moroni in the morning (next day, editor’s note). There are many questions that are still unanswered. ”

Major Hakim was buried dressed, secretly and without prayer. The opposition demands a clear position from the Mufti and the Minister of Islamic Affairs.


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