In Ségou in Mali, food kiosks

The solidarity economy every day in Mali, it is this company that sets up food kiosks in the city of Ségou. Frills. They serve froufrou fritters and millet groats cheaply. Local food, short circuits and, above all, prices aimed at combating the hunger that is affecting more and more residents of Ségou.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, has its famous Alokodrome, where alokos are tasted. Segou, Mali, now has his wife’s dreams. An initiative from Kibarou Anicet Denat, a local hotel owner who has set up five kiosks in the city where you can eat froufrou at a reasonable price. “Today, our struggle is to succeed in feeding people for at least 100 CFA francs. And that the poorest can eat in a clean restaurant. It also provides work for women who need to work, he explains.

Froufrou is a pancake made from millet, but froufroudromes also offers a whole range of dishes made from local cereals or beans, djouga, shofrumé, fari. For Kibarou Anicet Denat, it is also important to pick up locally from the farmers in the region. “The millet we buy, we buy it from the farmers,” he says. “We get the meat we buy. We buy from butchers locally, so that people can eat something from our region, so that the economy can develop circularly. There is a whole philosophy.” behind froufroudrome. ”

And among the goals is the preservation of the local culinary heritage that tends to disappear, as explained by Lidia Dembélé, volunteer chef at froufroudrome: “The dishes we prepare tend to disappear. Children today do not know these dishes, and we must value them and the African heritage. ”

Kibarou Anicet Denat wants to show that we can fight hunger, while helping local producers and preserving the environment. So the kiosks are lit by solar panels. “A 250 watt panel, on the market, makes 90,000 CFA francs. Plus two batteries, with 300,000 francs, you can run your kiosk. It’s very simple. So I said to myself: we need renewable energy, the contractor explains.

Kibarou Anicet Denat has already invested more than fifteen million CFA francs in its five kiosks. He plans to install another five as soon as possible. And to fund this additional investment, he launched a participating pot on the site Leetchi.


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