the assessments of the African Union and

Following the April 11 presidential election, the African Union and the Central African Economic Community concluded a peaceful and peaceful vote, while acknowledging some shortcomings. The two organizations held a joint press conference on Tuesday, April 13, during which they congratulated the government.

With our special correspondent in Ndjamena, Alexandra Brangeon

The African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of Central African States (Ceeac) congratulated the Chadian Government. The AU praised Chad for meeting constitutional deadlines, while Ceeac praised the steps taken organization of a vote in peace.

The AU said it noted a calm atmosphere in the offices visited, properly sealed ballot boxes, ink on the voter’s fingers, a bill in accordance with procedures and minutes signed by the members of the polling stations.

On the other hand, the organization notes a delay in the opening of the majority of the offices visited and the weak presence of the candidates’ representatives in the polling stations. The same observation for Ceeac, which adds that it noted that soldiers had voted in their barracks, indicates the head of the mission, Evariste Mabi Mulumba:

The mission noted that some voters voted in their barracks where no member of the mission had the right to follow the vote. When the vote was closed, the bill took place on the spot and the results were kept to be added to them on 11 April. ”

Ceeac also notes the average enthusiasm of voters during polling day and the lack of control of some members of the polling station in the counting process.

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