the civic movement Wakit Tama is calling for one

Two days after the announcement of the transitional government, presented by the new authorities as a unity government, citizens’ actions were coordinated on Tuesday. It is this movement, Wakit Tama, made up of civil society organizations and opposition political parties, that is leading the popular protest against the new transitional authorities.

With our special envoys in Ndjamena, David Baché and Julien Boileau

This Tuesday morning, the Wakit Tama movement demands a new demonstration this Saturday in four days. The leaders of civic coordination intend to continue and even intensify their struggle.

For them, the transitional government that was presented on Sunday night does not in any way constitute a unity government. They explain that because they reject the Military Transitional Council – these fifteen soldiers led by Mahamat Idriss Déby, son of the late president, who took the country’s leader – anything that this military council puts in place is illegal. … There is therefore no question of recognizing the new government.

Some opposition parties has, however, chosen to integrate it and play the transition game, parties that for some called, until then, to challenge. “They have excluded themselves from our coalition,” the leaders of Wakit Tama unanimously believe, not hiding their anger. And that therefore requires new peaceful marches on Saturday, in Ndjamena and across the country. And this despite the murderous repression of the march on April 27 that left fifteen dead, according to the latest assessment from these organizations. Authorities recognize six of them. There had also been over 700 arrests.

Whatever, the members of Wakit Tama want to continue to condemn on the street what they call an “institutional coup”. They call for a return to constitutional order and the start of a genuine national dialogue.


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