the strike is over, the standoff continues


The three-day national and multisectoral strike, at the request of the country’s first union group, UNTM, paralyzed many sectors in Mali between Wednesday and Friday. Negotiations can be resumed quickly between UNTM and the government, but the deviation continues.

For Yacouba Katilé, president of the National Union of Workers of Mali, the strike was a success.The call to stop working for three days was well attended, especially in the banking sector, the mines or the public services for customs, finance and health.

The president of UNTM said he had been invited to resume discussions in a letter sent by the Ministry of Labor and Public Service. At the request of RFI, this ministry did not respond.

UNTM’s requirements are not new, they relate specifically to the case of compressed workers, employees of the former state-owned companies nationalized from the 1980s, but also to the harmonization of the index networks calculated from. salaries for salaried employees as well as bonuses and grants granted to certain categories.

However, the distance continues: UNTM says it wants to file a new strike notice early next week, for a date and duration that remains to be defined. “We want to be in a press position,” said the UNTM president, so that the discussions do not last for several months.


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